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2008Έρευνα για την εξοικείωση των Ελλήνων και Κυπρίων Επιστημόνων Πληροφόρησης με τις Web 2.0 υπηρεσίεςAndreou, Ioanna; Gaitanou, Panorea; Garoufallou, Emmanouel; Kriezi, Vera; Koutsomiha, Damiana; Ανδρέου, Ιωάννα; Γαϊτάνου, Πανωραία; Γαρουφάλλου, Εμμανουήλ; Κριεζή, Βέρα; Κουτσομίχα, Δαμιάνα-Conference paper; Presentation
2009Learning 2.0 : a training project for the Greek Librarians and Information ProfessionalsAndreou, Ioanna; Katsarou, Georgia; Gaitanou, Panorea; Kriezi, Vera; Garoufallou, Emmanouel; Andreou, Andreas; Koutsomiha, Damiana; Borisova, Polina-Conference paper
2010The contribution of education to the competitiveness of rural industriesVergos, Evangelos; Rotsios, Konstantinos; Antonopoulou, Stavroula; Roumelioti, Katerina; Theodoridou, Despina-Conference Paper
2010Evaluation of the quality of services of a fast food outlet using the servqual methodology : the case of Simply BurgersMorava, Brikena-Dissertation
17-Mar-2010Innovative agricultural education curriculum practices promote sustainability in the Balkan Region of South-Eastern EuropeKoulaouzides, George A.; Acker, David; Vergos, Evangelos; Crunkilton, John R.-Journal Article
May-2010A five-country comparative content analysis of food product advertisement from south eastern Europe: the cases of Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Greece and SerbiaVladimirova, Aleksandra-Dissertation
May-2010The application of LMX leadership model in evaluating the organizational integration of a Greek SMEVukovic, Bojana-Dissertation
May-2010The role of aesthetic in the brand development of Korca beer : a longitudinal approachRushit, Doreida-Dissertation
May-2010An examination of the role of national culture as a factor influencing the decision-making process of students from Greece, Albania and FYROM choosing to join Perrotis collegeIvanovski, Viktor-Dissertation
May-2010Organizational analysis of an Albanian food company using the life-cycle Adizes model: the application of a classic model in the context of an emerging economyGjoka, Ledia-Dissertation
May-2010An evaluation of the brand characteristics of American Farm School milk that determines its perception by consumers as a premium productBallco, Petjon-Dissertation
May-2010Examining the role of ethnical consideration in consumer choice regarding purchases of foods with an animal origin: an evaluation of Deidre Shaw and Edward Shiu's multivariate approach to ethical intentionDimitrievski, Ivanche-Dissertation
May-2010An evaluation of CSR practices in Koukaki's S.A. farm using the integrated CSR modelNini, Olsi-Dissertation
May-2010An evaluation of the beer purchasing behavior of customers in provincial FYROM based on the concept of polygamous loyalty : the case of Berovo townDungevski, Gjoko-Dissertation
Jun-2010Organizational culture analysis of a foreign owned company in the city of Skopje: the effects of differing national cultural values an the organizational climate (culture) of global logisticsSpire, Arsov-Dissertation
Dec-2010Evaluation of residual effect of the residual recycled paper pulp on growth and yield of intercropped corn and soybean in two different soil and climatic conditions using precision agriculture methodologiesMadraimov, Arzybek-Dissertation
Dec-2010The residual effect of Recycled Residual Paper Pulp (RRPP) applications on the yield of lettuce crop, grown in two diverse soil and climate conditionsStojmenova, Borkica-Dissertation
Dec-2010Preparing for future challenges in the meat processing sector of FYROM: an empirical study based on porter's diamond and the alignment method applied in : 'IKL Gorni Polog GV'Stefanovska, Violeta-Dissertation
Dec-2010An evaluation of Cooper, McLoughline and Keating model of postmodernist consumption: the case of sex and the cityGojani, Nertila-Dissertation
2011Digital libraries as knowledge management systemsGaroufallou, Emmanouel; Asderi, Stella; Koutsomiha, Damiana-Conference paper