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Title: An empirical evaluation of the satisfaction of foreign dinners at restaurants in the city of Pristina, Kosovo
Authors: Dashi, Visar
Subjects LC: Dissertations, Academic
Consumers' preferences
Consumer behavior
Decision making
Keywords: Customers' Meal Experience Model
Foreign satisfaction
Consumer behavior
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Perrotis College
Abstract: In the present study, an attempt was made to identify the foreign satisfaction in restaurants in Pristina, Kosovo. The study was based on quantitative research; in particular 120 questionnaires were conducted successfully. In addition, Customers' Meal Experience Model (CMEM) was used in order to observe how can the five variables contained in (CMEM) influence the customer satisfaction in restaurants. The five variables used for this study were: The Core Product, The Restaurant Interior, The Personal Social Meeting, The Company and The Restaurant Atmosphere. According to the findings which derived from the questionnaires, we can say that overall the foreigners appreciate the dining experience in the restaurants in Prisitina, especially the atmosphere of the restaurant, which in most scenarios scored higher than the other variables regarding the general satisfaction. However, the results from the three hypotheses showed that the validity of this model has been only partially confirmed. Nevertheless, it can be useful in the sense that it can be used as a structure for future detailed empirical research. The significance of this study is that it can assist the restaurant owners in Kosovo to understand the foreigners' needs and wants when dining at a restaurant.
Description: BSc (Hons) in International agribusiness management - Marketing management for the food industry
Includes bibliographical references, charts and illustrations
Length: 68 pages
Type: Dissertation
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