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Title: Farmer perceptions of precision agriculture technology benefits
Authors: Alexiou, Antonios
Supervisors: Karamanos, Anastasios
Subjects LC: Academic theses
Precision farming
Precision farming - Greece
Keywords: Precision agriculture
Greek farmers
Smart farming technologies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Perrotis College
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Abstract: Precision farming involves a continuously evolving body of technologies, hardware and applications in various areas of agricultural processes that can provide improved practices and more efficient pathways of cultivating and utilizing inputs. This paper analyzes the perceptions of the Greek farmers towards the various benefits aligned with precision farming. In order to achieve this aim, the paper uses the quantitative method for collecting data through questionnaires on key aspects that help to develop a better understanding of the current perceptions of Greek farmers towards precision farming. Two models are used regarding the evaluation of farmers’ perceptions, namely the Best and Worst Choice experiment and the Logit Models of Perceptions/Beliefs. The use of Random Utility theory is done through the two models as a means to identify routs to profitability that are associated with precision farming. The results show that properties of precision farming applications related to better financial performance of the farms are the main motivating factors for farmers to employ such technologies. More specifically, cost savings and performance improvement are the two main factors related to PA technologies that motivate a higher engagement by farmers. However, the farm size is shown to affect the motivating factors behind the implementation of PA technologies as farmers of larger farms favor convenience while smaller ones are more attracted by the cost savings and production improvements. Overall, the findings suggest that fertilizer application and guidance related PA applications are the most popular amongst Greek farmers while other applications are yet to develop a similar attraction. The results provide a better and detailed understanding of key aspects and perceptions of Greek farmers towards precision farming and future studies can use it as a basis for more detailed analysis on the behaviors and perceptions of farmers for identifying aspects that would increase farmers’ willingness to involve more in using these technologies and applications.
Description: MSc in Marketing for the Agro-Food Sector
Includes bibliographical references and charts.
Length: 80 pages
Type: Thesis
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