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Title: Export performance of the Greek non-alcoholic beverage companies
Authors: Stojmenovikj, Stefani
Subjects LC: Dissertations, Academic
Export trading companies
Branding (Marketing)
Exports - Greece
Non-alcoholic beverages
Keywords: Export performance
Greek non- alcoholic beverage companies
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Perrotis College
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Abstract: The main aim of the research was to examine the Export performance of the Greek non- leoholic beverage companies. Therefore, the main indicators such as trade value and antity for each year for the period 2012-2016 had to be elaborated. Also, the price by which the importers purchased the product had to be calculated, in order to compare the same with the other importers. Last but not least, the balance of trade concerning the period of 2012 until 2016 was examined for all three CN codes separately. The results needed in order to complete this research were obtained from UN Comtrade, including only three CN codes (CN2009, CN2201 and CN2202). Furthermore, the data was generated though UN Comtrade and transferred to Excel for further examination. After the research was conducted, it was concluded that the main importer of Greek fruit and vegetable juices, not fermented or spirited (CN2009) for the period 2012-2016 were: France, Netherlands, Cyprus and Italy. Furthermore the largest importers of Greek unsweetened beverage waters, ice and snow (CN2201) for the same five year period were: Cyprus in each of the years with 42%-57% of imports, followed by Germany in each of the years as a second largest importer, varying from 17% to 20%. Finally, the largest importers of Greek waters, non-alcoholic sweetened or flavored beverages (CN2202) were Cyprus varying from 45% up to 49% and Romania varying from 17% to 24% during the same timeframe 2012-2016. Also, it was found the balance trade concerning the Greek non-alcoholic beverage sector was positive in each year 2012-2015 only for the products which belong to CN2201, while the products listed under CN2009 and CN2202 resulted with negative balance of trade.
Description: Includes bibliographical references, charts and illustrations
BSc (Hons) in Marketing Management for the Food Sector
Length: 79 pages
Type: Dissertation
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