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Title: Evaluation of mulching types on yield and other agronomic characteristics of organically grown lettuce (Lactuca Sativa L.)
Authors: Papadopoulos, Dimitrios
Supervisors: Gertsis, Athanasios
Subjects LC: Dissertations, Academic
Organic farming
Soil fertility
Keywords: Lettuce
Mulching types
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: Perrotis College
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Abstract: The primary problem of farmers today is the weed emergence that competes with the emergence of their plants, and how their crops are going to achieve successful and acceptable growth by using fewer inputs. A solution given to farmers in order to solve their problem appears to be the application of mulches, for it provides weed management, promotion of crop growth, and indicates beneficial results in soil properties. The dissertation mainly focuses in the evaluation of the effect of different mulching ways in growing organic lettuces in terms of soil properties, plant development, and weed suppression. In order to acquire the results for the project, an experiment has been conducted by planting lettuce plants (Lactuca sativa L.). Three different mulch types have been applied to evaluate and analyze whether the different mulch types promote plant growth, and benefit soil properties. The data samples taken for the experiment in terms of plant growth are: plant height, leaf chlorophyll, final yield, soil temperature, volumetric water content, pH, and electrical conductivity. The experiment lasted for 6 months and the results indicated that mulching significantly affected all measured parameters. A more specific approach is that after the analysis of the data sets the mulch affected the whole set of parameters the most among its competitors is proven to be the synthetic fabric. Thus fabric is the recommended mulch type that will promote higher plants, bigger yield, more nitrogen availability to the plant, retain more moisture in the soil and will keep the pH levels around neutral level(7).
Description: BSc (Hons) in Enviromental Systems Management
Includes bibliographical references, charts and illustrations
Length: 64 pages
Type: Dissertation
Publication Status: Not published
Repository: HUB
Restrictions: All rights reserved
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Language: en
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