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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
10-Mar-2020MIT start-ups ecosystem and Greek start ups reality: an ecosystem comparisonSpyropoulos, Theocharis Stylianos-Book chapter
2020Key challenges for Greek IT start ups: an analysis of founder perceptionsSpyropoulos, Theocharis Stylianos-Book chapter
2020Comprehensive approaches reveal key transcripts and metabolites highlighting metabolic diversity among three oriental tobacco varietiesTsaballa, Aphrodite; Sarrou, Eirini; Xanthopoulou, Aliki; Tsaliki, Eleni; Kissoudis, Christos; Karagiannis, Evangelos; Michailidis, Michail; Martens, Stefan; Sperdouli, Elektra; Hilioti, Zoe; Fotopoulos, Vasileios; Nianiou-Obeidat, Irini; Tsaftaris, Athanasios; Madesis, Panagiotis; Kalivas, Apostolos; Ganopoulos, Ioannis-Journal Article
25-Aug-2020Orchard management practices affect arbuscular mychorrhizal fungal root colonisation of almondVasilikiotis, Christos; Li, Meng; Schmidt, Jennifer E.; Azimi, Anna; Garcia, Joshua; Volder, Astrid; Lampinen, Bruce; Gaudin, Amélie C.M.-Journal Article
Aug-2020Digital Greek start ups: an analysis of founder's perceptionsSpyropoulos, Theocharis Stylianos-Journal Article
27-Jul-2020Advances on the valorisation and functionalization of by-products and wastes from cereal-based processing industrySkendi, Adriana; Zinoviadou, Kyriaki; Papageorgiou, Maria; Rocha, João M.-Review article
2-Apr-2021Phenotypic, genetic, and epigenetic variation among diverse sweet cherry gene poolsAvramidou, Evangelia V.; Moysiadis, Theodoros; Ganopoulos, Ioannis; Michailidis, Michail; Kissoudis, Christos; Valasiadis, Dimitrios; Kazantzis, Konstantinos; Tsaroucha, Eirini; Tsaftaris, Athanasios; Molassiotis, Athanassios; Aravanopoulos, Filippos; Xanthopoulou, Aliki-Journal Article
1-May-2020Whole genome re-sequencing of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) yields insights into genomic diversity of fruit speciesXanthopoulou, Aliki; Manioudaki, Maria; Bazakos, Christos; Kissoudis, Christos; Farsakoglou, Anna-Maria; Karagiannis, Evangelos; Michailidis, Michail; Polychroniadou, Chrysanthi; Zambounis, Antonios; Kazantzis, Konstantinos; Tsaftaris, Athanasios; Madesis, Panagiotis; Aravanopoulos, Filippos; Molassiotis, Athanassios; Ganopoulos, Ioannis-Journal Article
2021A new era for sustainable farming systems for Greece, based on convergence of smart farming, agricultural robotics and geospatial technologiesMavridis, Avraam; Gertsis, Athanasios-Journal Article
30-Nov-2021Application of Graph Theory to Entrepreneurship Research: new findings and a new methodology frameworkSpyropoulos, Theocharis Stylianos; Andras, Christos; Dimkou, Aristotelis-Conference Paper
Results 1-10 of 33 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).