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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2022An exploration of Greek wineries' internal motives and barriers for the adoption of organic viticultureChasioti, Rafaela-Thesis
2022Composite films consisting of whey protein isolate and chitosan and their propertiesPapathanasiou, Zoi-Thesis
Jun-2022The influence of social media on the buying behavior of Greek farmers on the purchase of agricultural machineryGkavliaroudis, Sideris-Thesis
May-2022Factors affecting SMEs' internationalization in fruit and vegetable sector: evidence from KosovoVila, Haziz-Thesis
2022The influence of harvesting time and filtration on the quality of extra virgin olive oils extracted from Koroneiki olive fruits from higher altitude Messiniaki ManiRebholz, Anna Maria-Thesis
Sep-2022Human milk extracellular vesicle-small RNA expression and potential interdependence with maternal characteristics: a Greek contextGiannouli, Eleni-Thesis
Apr-2022Physicochemical and volatile analysis of inoculated and spontaneous kiwifruit fermentation (Actinidia deliciosa cv. Hayward subs. Tsechelidis)Fotiadis, Konstantinos-Thesis
2022The effect of filtration on quality attributes of olive oils produced from Koroneiki olive drupes harvested at different maturation stagesFasoula, Triantafyllia-Thesis
2022Comparative study of viscosity properties of hemp, pea, soy, and brown rice in water with the addition of NaClKarastergiou, Emmanouil-Thesis
1-Sep-2022Interactions of bovine serum albumin with mucin during pH cyclingLampridis, Dimitrios-Thesis
Results 1-10 of 14 (Search time: 0.001 seconds).