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Title: The effect of genotype, environment and genotype by environment interactions on the antioxidants' quantity and capacity of Durum wheat whole flour
Authors: Melios, Stergios
Supervisors: Zinoviadou, Kyriaki
Mylonas, Ioannis
Subjects LC: Dissertations, Academic
Bioactive compounds
Keywords: Durum wheat
Phenolic compounds
Genotype by environment
Whole wheat flour
Whole bran
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Perrotis College
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Abstract: In the present study 16 durum wheat genotypes cultivated under different crop management systems and regions were analyzed for the effect of genotype, environment, and genotype by environment interaction, to the total phenolic compounds content, the total antioxidant capacity (ABTS, DPPH), and the ferric reducing/antioxidant power (FRAP). The protein, moisture, and vitreous-kernel (only for one environment) percentages were also determined for possible correlations with the antioxidants capacity to be examined. Environment, Genotype, and Genotype by Environment had all significant influences on the TPC of DUW as well as the TAC of them. The mean amounts of TPC, ABTS, DPPH, and FRAP were 48.8229 mg TE/100 g dw, 121,3440 mg TE/100 g dw, 23.0093 mg TE/100 g dw, and 74.6993 mg TE/100 g dw respectively. For TPC, ABTS, and FRAP Late-Cultivation-N possessed the lowest values while at the top were Late-Cultivation and Sindos environment, which was a repetition of Late-Cultivation in another region. Organic environment was very stable among the measurements being always in the middle. The effects of Genotype (G), Environment (E), and Genotype by Environment interaction (G*E) were E>G>G*E for TPC, DPPH, and FRAP and E>G*E>G for ABTS indicating the supremacy of the Environment to the result. The results presented are of great importance, as it is the first time that the effects of so many environments on the total phenolic compounds and the total antioxidant activity were studied especially with such a focus on the crop management.
Description: Includes bibliographical references, illustrations, graphs.
BSc in Food Science and Technology
Length: 37 pages
Type: Dissertation
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