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Title: Fruit and vegetable juices
Authors: Gemenetzis, Dimitrios
Supervisors: Zinoviadou, Kyriaki
Subjects LC: Dissertations, Academic
Fruit juices
Sensory evaluation
Keywords: Orange juice
Organoleptic characteristics
Brix value
Storing conditions
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Perrotis College
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Abstract: Orange juice is widely consumed worldwide because of its organoleptic characteristics as well as its health benefits. Currently, almost half of the global production of juices is orange juice. Among the different categories of orange juice, the most important are orange juices under room temperature and orange juices stored under refrigerated conditions. Between different types of juice there are big differences regarding the nutritional value and their physical and chemical characteristics. These differences affect their acceptance from the consumers and their safety. In this study, twenty orange juices were analyzed. From these samples, thirteen juices were stored at room temperature and seven juices were stored under refrigerated conditions. The pH value, the brix value, the acidity value and the color of these juices was evaluated. A pH meter was used to determine the pH value of the samples, a refractometer was used to measure their brix value, the acidity was measured by titration and the color of the juices was measured using a colorimeter.
Description: Includes photographs, maps, charts, and bibliographic references.
BSc in Food Science and Technology
Length: 46 pages
Type: Dissertation
Publication Status: Not published
Repository: DAPL
Restrictions: All rights reserved
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International
Language: en
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