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Title: Volatile profile and quality characteristics of the Greek "Chondrolia Chalkidikis" virgin olive oils: effect of ripening stage
Authors: Psathas, Dimitrios
Lioupi, Artemis
Rebholz, Anna Maria
Zinoviadou, Kyriaki
Tsaftaris, Athanasios
Theodoridis, Georgios
Papoti, Vassiliki T.
Subjects LC: Olive - Varieties
Olive oil
Olive oil - Analysis
Keywords: Olive oil quality
Chondrolia Chalkidikis cultivar
Ripening stage
Issue Date: 19-Apr-2022
Publisher: SpringerLink
Abstract: Among the various parameters affecting olive oil quality, ripening stage is one of the most important. Optimal harvest time ensuring target quality for the final product varies in relation to the effect of many intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Therefore, its determination necessitates thorough examination of each case. The present study explores the impact of six harvest times on volatile profile and quality attributes of olive oils from “Chondrolia Chalkidikis” Greek cultivar. All samples examined were classified “Virgin Olive Oils” (VOOs) according to findings of acidity, peroxide, and K values. The low values for the principal official quality indices, the high oleic acid percentages (76–78%), the high oxidative stabilities (up to 36 h induction period), and phenols content (606–290 mg/kg) were considered nutritionally promising. Total phenols, carotenoids and chlorophylls contents, as well as oxidative stability (induction period values) decreased with ripening. Harvest time had a strong impact on HS-SPME–GC–MS volatile fingerprint. Optimal volatile profiles were related to intermediate examined ripening stages. Fatty acid composition did not show remarkable trends. Chondrolia Chalkidikis VOOs perform as interesting candidates of high quality. Findings of the study may support existing databases with scientific records for Chondrolia Chalkidikis VOOs, boost their competitiveness in the global market, and encourage worldwide exploitation of VOOs from similar cultivars (table olives oriented).
Description: Published open access by SpringerLink
Length: 14 pages
Type: Journal Article
Relation (Part Of): European Food Research and Technology journal
Publication Status: Published
Citation: Psathas, D, Lioupi, A, Rebholz, AM, Zinoviadou, K, Tsaftaris, A, Theodoridis, G, & Papoti, VT 2022, 'Volatile profile and quality characteristics of the Greek "Chondrolia Chalkidikis" virgin olive oils: effect of ripening stage', European Food Research and Technology journal.
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Attribution 4.0 International
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