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Title: "Farmitization": can agriculture take root for economically displaced Greeks?
Authors: Daudon, Sophie
Vergos, Evangelos
Subjects LC: Financial crises - Greece
Keywords: Agriculture
Economic crisis
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: American Farm School
Abstract: There is growing evidence that migration to rural areas and adoption of an agricultural livelihood is one way jobless Greeks are attempting to survive the economic crisis. This research aims to provide a deeper look at the reality behind and viability of the supposed Greek “back-to-the-land” movement by exploring the experiences of individuals farming, or considering farming, in the crisis. This paper presents findings from 50 in-depth interviews, two focus groups, participant observation, and media analysis conducted between Oct. 2013 and Apr. 2014. The interviews and analysis highlight the complex nature of the movement, distinguishing it from previous counterurban migrations and contradicting the story told in the media. Many individuals are adopting agriculture without migrating from urban areas; instead they are already living in villages or commuting from cities to their farms. Further, it emerged that the majority of interviewees are only able to consider farming because of prior family connection to the land, suggesting that success may depend on this resource. Significantly, agriculture has positive psychological impacts and is contributing hope, as well as sustenance, to individual livelihoods. Further, many perceive it as an alternative to leaving Greece and a way to preserve Greek culture. However, agriculture is not economically viable for all the individuals interviewed, and serious economic, education and governmental barriers must be resolved.
Length: 13 pages
Type: Journal Article
Relation (Part Of): Fork to Farm: International Journal of Innovative Research and Practice
Publication Status: Published
Citation: Daudon, S & Vergos, E 2015, '"Farmitization": can agriculture take root for economically displaced Greeks?', Fork to Farm International Journal of Innovative Research and Practice, vol. 2, no.1, p. 1-13.
Restrictions: Open Access
Attribution 4.0 International
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