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Title: IJV partner relations in emerging markets: the importance of Greek partner's prior IJV experience
Authors: Rotsios, Konstantinos
Sklavounos, Nikolaos
Hajidimitriou, Yannis
Subjects LC: Marketing
Small business
Keywords: IJVs
Prior IJV experience
Partner compatibility
Knowledge transfer
Emerging markets
Issue Date: 7-Dec-2021
Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
Abstract: Purpose The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of the Greek partners' prior international joint venture (IJV) experience on partner compatibility, knowledge transfer (KT) and trust in their IJVs. Design/methodology/approach The authors conducted a primary research study and collected a total of 50 useable questionnaires from Greek firms with IJV participation. Findings The findings show a positive effect of the Greek partner's prior experience in IJV establishment and management on partner compatibility and on successful KT to the IJV. Practical implications The results are significant for executives of firms who seek to expand to international markets through IJV formation and for practitioners involved in IJVs, regarding prior IJV experience, partner compatibility and KT to their IJVs. Originality/value This study uses a sample of Greek firms with IJV participation to examine the effect of their prior IJV experience on IJV partner relations in the region of South East (SE) Europe. Additionally, it enhances the understanding of the effect of prior experience in the IJV establishment and management in emerging markets and sheds light to the antecedents of partner compatibility, which have been neglected by researchers.
Length: 16 pages
Type: Journal Article
Relation (Part Of): Journal of Strategy and Management
Publication Status: Published
ISSN: 1755-425X
Citation: Rotsios, K, Sklavounos, N, & Hajidimitriou, Y 2021, "IJV partner relations in emerging markets: the importance of Greek partner's prior IJV experience", Journal of Strategy and Management, pp. 1-16.
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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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