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Title: Consumers' purchase intentions towards novel dairy products: evidence from Greece and Serbia
Authors: Milijevic, Srdjan
Sklavounos, Nikolaos
Rotsios, Konstantinos
Subjects LC: Consumers' preferences
Consumer behavior
Dairy products
Keywords: Consumers' purchase intentions
Theory of planned behavior
Food neophilia
Product knowledge
Health consciousness
Social contacts
Price perception
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2021
Publisher: Sciendo
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to investigate consumers’ purchase intentions towards novel dairy products with evidence from Greece and Serbia. Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) model, this research empirically tests a set of hypotheses concerning the consumers’ purchase intentions towards novel dairy products. In addition to the dependent variable of purchase intention, the independent variables of food neophilia, product knowledge, health consciousness, social contacts and price perception are used for the development of hypotheses. A total of 288 usable questionnaires (144 from each country) were collected and analyzed. Finally, the empirical findings are discussed and managerial implications as well as recommendations for future research are presented.
Length: 15 pages
Type: Journal Article
Relation (Part Of): Studies in Business and Economics journal
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Publication Status: Published
Citation: Milijevic, S, Sklavounos, N, & Rotsios, K 2021, 'Consumers' purchase intentions towards novel dairy products: evidence from Greece and Serbia', Studies in Business and Economics, vol. 15, no.3, pp. 152-167.
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