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Title: Digital literacy practices of young children in informal learning spaces
Authors: Virkus, Sirje
Koutsomiha, Damiana
Garoufallou, Emmanouel
Subjects LC: Internet literacy
Computer literacy
Information literacy
Libraries - Activity programs
Keywords: Digital literacy
Informal learning
Informal learning spaces
Informal learning settings
Out-of-school literacy practices
Learning theory
Literacy theory
Young children
Social media
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2018
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: This paper reviews research on digital literacy practices of young children (0–8 years) in out-of-school settings or in informal learning spaces/settings. The purpose of this review is to identify the literature and topics that have arisen from non-school-based or informal space research and to highlight main directions and dimensions. The major research question is: What is the role of informal learning spaces in shaping children’s digital literacy practices? This research attempts to bridge the gap that exists between children’s uses of digital technology at home and in other informal settings and contributes and highlights the need for studying learning more holistically.
Description: Conference paper published in the Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on 'Information Literacy in the Workplace', January 2018 (first online date), by Springer.
Length: 8 pages
Type: Conference paper
Relation (Part Of): 5th European Conference (ECIL 2017) on 'Information Literacy in the Workplace' (Saint Malo, France, September 18-21, 2017)
Publication Status: Published
ISBN: 9783319743332
9783319743349 (online)
Citation: Virkus, S, Koutsomiha, D, & Garoufallou, E 2018, 'Digital literacy practices of young children in informal learning spaces', in S Kurbanoglu, J Boustany, S Spiranec, E Grassian, D Mizrachi, & L Roy (eds), Information Literacy in the Workplace (ECIL 2017), Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 810, Springer, Cham.
Restrictions: All rights reserved
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
Language: en
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