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Title: Digital libraries and knowledge management in multicultural environments: librarian's perspectives
Authors: Garoufallou, Emmanouel
Asderi, Stella
Koutsomiha, Damiana
Subjects LC: Digital libraries
Knowledge management
Keywords: Establishment of a Knowledge Distribution Mechanism
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of West Attica
Abstract: Few studies have examined the connection between knowledge sharing processes in digital library environments from the point of view of librarians. This research paper aims to survey librarians from different European countries in order to identify whether the establishment of a knowledge distribution mechanisms or sharing environment is a familiar territory for librarians in a digital library setting. Two online questionnaires were designed and disseminated electronically to various countries. The questions followed a seven point semantic referential scale and the processing of the data was performed in SPSS software. Spearman’s test were also performed for checking any correlations between the factors that motivate knowledge sharing attitudes on the one hand, and on the other those factors that influence the effectiveness and efficiency of digital libraries. The results indicated that librarians accept digital libraries as knowledge management and sharing systems but opinions vary as to whether the designing of a digital library affects the way knowledge is shared. Cross reference of data shows similarities and differences between the four countries.
Length: 9 pages
Type: Journal article
Relation (Part Of): Journal of Integrated Information Management
Publication Status: Published
Citation: Garoufallou, E, Asderi, S, & Koutsomiha, D 2012, 'Digital libraries and knowledge management in multicultural environments: librarian's perspectives', Journal of Integrated Information Management, vol.1, pp.1-9.
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