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Title: Drivers and impediments in the adoption of precision agriculture (PA) technologies by farmers in Greece
Authors: Stavrinidi, Danai
Supervisors: Karamanos, Anastasios
Subjects LC: Academic theses
Precision farming
Precision farming - Greece
SPSS (Computer file)
Quantitative research
Qualitative research
Marketing research
Farmers - Greece - Research
Keywords: Precision agriculture
Greek farmers
Smart farming technologies
Issue Date: 13-Oct-2020
Publisher: Perrotis College
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Abstract: The main aim of this research is to find the reasons that do not allow Greek farmers to adopt Precision Agriculture technologies more easily and at a rate comparable to other European countries. Furthermore, finding out about the potential variables that lower rates would help to find out the things that do encourage farmers to spend the needing money into using more advance technologies. It has been shown in other research that has taken place in Europe and all around the world that motivating farmers to use new technologies has been difficult. However little has been made known for areas such as Greece. The research followed a mixed method, in which a questionnaire was used and distributed online to farmers wanting to take part but also through a series of interviews done through the use of phone communications. A total sample of 85 participants was selected through the help of social media and contacts in various areas of Greece. The research was based on the adoption model proposed by Van es in Views of Irish Farmers on Smart Farming Technologies. Along with the adoption model qualitative research methods were used, mostly thematic analysis. In conclusion, Greece is significantly behind other nations, especially those in Europe, in adoption rates and it appears to lack the necessary technological background to accomplish it in the near future.
Description: MSc in Marketing for the Agro-Food Sector
Includes bibliographical references, illustrations, and charts.
Length: 63 pages
Type: Thesis
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