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Title: Glucosinolates and respective derivatives (isothiocyanates) from plants
Authors: Zinoviadou, Kyriaki
Galanakis, Charis M.
Keywords: Glucosinolates
High-pressure processing
Pulsed electric field
Issue Date: 7-Apr-2017
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Abstract: Glucosinolates (GLs) comprise a distinctive group of bioactive compounds exhibiting a wide range of activities in plants, as their major defense system, as well as in humans in many ways. This chapter discusses the biosynthesis and functionality (e.g., chemopreventative and antimicrobial activity) of GLs. In addition, the effect of processing (e.g., enzymatic degradation and post-harvesting) on the content and stability of GLs is denoted. Finally, an insight of different methods that can be applied for the extraction of GLs is discussed. GLs can lose their beneficial properties and transform into antinutrients depending on the processing conditions. For this reason, this chapter focuses also on emerging technologies (e.g., high-pressure processing , ultrasound and microwave extraction, pulsed electric field, and supercritical fluids extraction) that promise mild treatment and preservation of GLs during processing.
Length: 19 pages
Type: Book chapter
Relation (Part Of): Food bioactives: extraction and biotechnology applications
Publication Status: Published
ISBN: 9783319516394
Citation: Zinoviadou, K. and Galanakis, C. (2017). Glucosinolates and Respective Derivatives (Isothiocyanates) from Plants. In: M. Puri, ed., Food Bioactives. Springer, Cham, pp.3-22.
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