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Title: Imported walnut desired characteristics from Swedish consumers
Authors: Momat, Olga
Subjects LC: Dissertations, Academic
Consumer behavior
Customer loyalty
Decision making
Consumer behavior - Sweden
Natural foods
Keywords: Walnuts
Consumer behavior
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: Perrotis College
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Abstract: The aim of this research is to investigate the views and perception of walnut consumers in Sweden. More specifically about the country of origin, price sensitivity and the views on organic walnuts where explored. In addition objective was to assist exporters of walnuts from the Republic of Moldova to understand the needs of the walnut consumers in Sweden. The reason Sweden was chosen because it offers a great opportunity for the companies exporting organic walnuts due to the high demand of walnuts and the prices of them. The quantitative research method along with questionnaires where used. A total of 151 questionnaires were gathered in Sweden through the emails and social media. The results of this research reveal the preferences of Swedish walnut consumers. More specifically indicate that Swedish consumers are very price sensitive towards walnuts, but they are willing to pay a higher price for a healthier products, and particularly organic walnuts. Another factor indicates that for Swedish consumers country of origin is not the most important factor for walnut purchasing decision. The research suggests that the Republic of Moldova can offer for exports high quality organic walnuts for a low price. The exporters of Moldavian walnuts should pay attention to these factors. These findings are of practical use to walnut exporters from the Republic of Moldova who have the competitive advantage of low cost combined with the high quality and taste in walnuts and they are with the low production costs that they can successfully enter the Swedish market they achieve then it will be easier for them to be successful in their export activities. Suggestions for further investigations are needed in order to achieve a fuller research. This study can provide the analysis of the Swedish consumer perception towards walnut consumption. It can be used for studies related to consumer behavior or studies related to exporting opportunities.
Description: Honours degree in International Agribusiness
Includes bibliographical references and illustrations
Length: 51 pages
Type: Dissertation
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