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Title: Patterns of Albanian immigrants food consumption in Thessaloniki, Greece
Authors: Zhollanji, Orgest
Subjects LC: Dissertations, Academic
Food consumption
Consumer behavior
Food - Marketing - Moral and ethical aspects
Keywords: Consumer behavior
Issue Date: 21-Dec-2012
Publisher: Perrotis College
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Abstract: The reason why this topic was chosen is that I want to identify the patterns of Albanian food consumption in Thessaloniki. The purpose of the analysis is to identify the factors that influence Albanian immigrants how to purchase their food and healthy nutrition. The paper shed light on the way how immigrants behave in host countries based in their food choices. It is analyzed questioners data of different age groups, educational level and different of immigrants living in Thessaloniki. In this research is investigated if income and nutrition elements play an important role in the way how immigrants purchase their food. Also the need of earning money and after that sanding them back home has a direct influence in the way how they chose their food. All the information that was collected from random immigrants in two retailing stores in Thessaloniki identifies all the patterns of immigrants' consumption In this research was used quantitative research, which was more relevant for the type of the research because the number of the Albanian immigrants in Thessaloniki is huge. The reason for using this model is to understand the immigrants food behavior and the reasons why they approach in that way.
Description: Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Marketing Management for the Food Industry
Includes bibliographical references, charts and illustrations
Length: 59 pages
Type: Dissertation
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