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Title: Identifying customer satisfaction in the rural tourism industry in Kastoria, Greece: the case study of Aposkeros mansion
Authors: Vasileiou, Eftychia
Subjects LC: Dissertations, Academic
Consumer satisfaction
Keywords: Consumer satisfaction
Spearman rank
Kendall rank
Kendall's rank
Spearman's rank
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: Perrotis College
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Abstract: This dissertation is focused on the rural tourism industry in Greece and the satisfaction the customers obtain from experiencing rural tourism. There are limited researches en evaluating consumer satisfaction on sustainable forms of tourism in both for Greece and worldwide. However, understanding consumer satisfaction is a key element for achieving optimum service quality. Additionally, tourism for Greece is a very prosperous industry and has a well established reputation. The current research was conducted in the rural area of Kastoria in northern Greece in a rural tourism enterprise called "Aposkepos" which is located at the outskirts of the town of Kastoria in the homonymous village Aposkepos. The minor objectives of the research were to identify whether the region of Kastoria contributed in consumer satisfaction and the ways this was achieved. The research methods employed to test consumer satisfaction were frequency distributions, bar charts and the non-parametric tests Spearman and Kendall's tau b in order to explore for significance in the data. The data were obtained through the use of questionnaires which were distributed to guests of "Aposkepos" mansion. Five point Likert-scales were used for the evaluation of the variables that literature suggested to affect satisfaction. The results showed that satisfaction consumers received is attributed mainly to: relaxation, enjoyment of the scenery, hospitality of the staff, environmental conservation, absence of pollution, neatness of the facilities, escape from city life and soap-making activity. From the comments another factor that caused satisfaction emerged which is the local food that the mansion offers.
Description: BSc (Hons) in International Agribusiness Management
Includes bibliographical references, charts and illustrations
Length: 67 pages
Type: Dissertation
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