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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
26-Jan-2021Consumers' purchase intentions towards novel dairy products: evidence from Greece and SerbiaMilijevic, Srdjan; Sklavounos, Nikolaos; Rotsios, Konstantinos-Journal Article
May-2020Customers' satisfaction in regards to supermarket servicesAntoniadou, Marina-Dissertation
Sep-2021E-commerce in Moldova: opportunities and challengesBulat, Felicia-Dissertation
Jun-2020Greek and Serbian consumer awareness towards sustainability in agricultureMarinkovic, Valerija-Dissertation
Jun-2017Greek consumers' purchase intentions towards food and beverage products containing aloe veraKichukova, Tamara-Dissertation
1-May-2023Green marketing on the American Farm School productsDaskalaki, Dimitra C.-Dissertation
2023High prices of wheat due to war Russia-Ukraine and the impact of economy and societySkenderis, Dimitrios-Dissertation
7-Dec-2021IJV partner relations in emerging markets: the importance of Greek partner's prior IJV experienceRotsios, Konstantinos; Sklavounos, Nikolaos; Hajidimitriou, Yannis-Journal Article
12-Jan-2020The impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives on rural community development: the case of TITAN - Sharrcem in KosovoVila, Haziz; Sklavounos, Nikolaos; Vergos, Evangelos; Rotsios, Konstantinos; Shabanaj, Hysen-Conference Paper
May-2023Impact of Covid-19 in olive oil consumption and the possible change in the behavior of the consumerSkiadas, Stavros-Dissertation
Jan-2022The impact of Covid-19 on consumer behaviour and consumers' perceptions towards white label products in GreeceDidaskalopoulos, George-Dissertation
2022The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the operations and exports of an autonomous olive oil companyGiouli, Konstantina-Dissertation
2023The impact of financial and environmental crisis in the market of organic food products and consumers behaviorSampatakakis, Petros-Dissertation
2022Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in agritourism businessesZouganeli, Maroulio-Dissertation
May-2018International comparison of consumers' purchase intentions towards dairy products: evidence from Greece and SerbiaMilijevic, Srdjan-Dissertation
Aug-2021An investigation of retail trends, emerging opportunities, and challenges on the performance of retail businesses in Uganda: a case study of Kikuubo marketMukuba, Maureen-Dissertation
30-May-2022Olive oil exports and challenges by Covid-19Staboulis, Thanasis-Dissertation
Jul-2022The organic food market in the post COVID-19 era: evidence from northern GreeceTzovanis, Emmanouil Angelos-Dissertation
2023Packaging as brand marketingFaroutzas, Spyridon-Orfeas-Dissertation
Jun-2021The prospects of oat cereal as a trendy, sustainable and healthy food product: "evidence from Greece"Karanika, Kalliopi-Dissertation