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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Jan-2011Analysis of consumer behavior with regards to milk brands in KosovoGojani, Shpendi-Dissertation
Jun-2014The call of the food exhibit : explorative study of food representation in gastronomy and food museums of the worldKalaitzidou, Eva-Dissertation
2022Chapter 6 : An integrated LoRa-based IoT platform serving smart farming and agro-logisticsTsotsolas, Nikos; Komisopoulos, Faidon; Papadopoulos, Philip; Koutsouraki, EleniZiouvelou, Xenia; McGroarty, FrankBook chapter
Jun-2014Do you pay attention? : study of the role of place of production of vegetables in consumers' purchasing decisionsTaskovska, Simona-Dissertation
Dec-2012An evaluation of the food safety related anxiety levels prevalent among the consumers of the Republic of MacedoniaBajev, Sinisha-Dissertation
Jun-2015An evaluation of the safety infant nutrition of Nestle related with the perception and purchasing behavior of Greek consumersGkougkou, Anastasia-Dissertation
Jun-2013An examination of the horsemeat scandal in the light of the European union legislation and its media coverageTomov, Aleksandar-Dissertation
Jun-2013An examination of the place of Mediterranean cuisine in the American foodscape : a social media based analysisPavlovska, Aleksandra-Dissertation
Jun-2014Fast food consumption in the city of KrushevoShterjoska, Ana-Dissertation
Jan-2012Food neophilia among university students in Sofia - BulgariaPavlov, Atanas-Dissertation
Jun-2014How 'trendy' are you? : study of the relationship between healthy food trends and consumption behavior among young urban professionals in the city of Skopje, FYROMKovacheva, Despina-Dissertation
May-2012The introduction of a novel housefly control device - Florida Fly - Baiter - in the Greek marketAra, Glirinda-Dissertation
Jun-2015Online food shopping and the Greek consumer : a qualitative insight into the factors that influence trust in online food shoppingFirmpas, Konstantinos-Dissertation
Dec-2012Perceptions and purchasing behavior towards frozen food products in Serbia's consumers: a research on residents of Belgrade's middle class neighborhoodsPocuca, Perica-Dissertation
May-2015A quantitative analysis of the factors affecting consumer behaviour regarding private label products : the case of the Greek supermarket MasoutisTireli, Loukia-Dissertation
Jun-2014Reminiscing of a childhood friend : study of customer loyalty towards Vero supermarkets in the city of SkopjeGjekanovikj, Angela-Dissertation
Jun-2015Shop-in-shop concept : the case of Massoutis hypermarket in ThermiMatraka, Eleni-Dissertation
2015Thessaloniki as a study abroad destination : the quantitative analysis of the American students perceptionChantzaras, Pantelis-Dissertation