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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
25-May-2016Aerial and ground remote sensor technologies used to delineate management zones based on vegetation indices : case study application “The research olive grove at Perrotis College”Asimidis, Theagenis-Dissertation
May-2022Application of plant nutrition products on olive production systems for olive oil (Olea europaea L. variety Koroneiki) in the area of Preveza, grown under rain fed-dryland conditionsPanges, Aristomenis-Dissertation
May-2015Characterizing the canopy variability of the American Farm School's educational vineyard using precision agriculture methodologies and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)Michos, Andreas-Dissertation
Jun-2022Compare [i.e. Comparison of] two carbon footprint models in olive groves (Olea europea L.) in SpartaLamprinakos, Ioannis-Dissertation
11-Jun-2023Development and calibration/validation of an innovative and portable multi-parameter soil sensor for in-situ measurementsKarathodoros, Christos-Dissertation
May-2022Development of an innovative hydroponic system based on grow bags and grow boxes, "Flooding Perlite", filled with substrates made of perlite products and by-products and an organic soil improving material by BIOSOLIDS for growing lettuce (Lactuca sative L.)Tsatsi, Evangelia-Dissertation
2023Development of innovative 'Flooding hydroponic systems', based on Grow Boxes, filled with mixed substrates made of two organic soil improving materials and agricultural perlite products and by-products. Case study: lettuce (variety Paris Island COS D3000)Eirinaki, Foteini-Dissertation
Dec-2020A digital olive grove - DOG : applications of new technologies of precision agriculture in a high density olive production grove, adapted for mechanical harvesting at Perrotis College / American Farm SchoolPoulakis, Konstantinos-Dissertation
Dec-2020Effect of a foliar biostimulant concept (SANOVITA/STEFES) in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) productionKaryotis, Georgios-Dissertation
May-2017Effect on for peach production from a foliar application of an organic certified fertilizers product (SAΝOVΙΤA system)Alexiou, Antonios-Dissertation
Dec-2020Effects of a biostimulant foliar system (SANOVITA/STEFES) on fruit yield and yield components in pear (Pyrus communis L.) productionGkanatsios, Konstantinos-Dissertation
Nov-2020Effects of a commercial biostimulant (SANOVITA/STEFES) applied as foliar system to yield and pest (insects and disease) problems in a super high density olive production groveStasinis, Dimitrios-Dissertation
11-Jun-2017The effects of fertilization, growing systems and substrates on chamomile production and essential oilZiakas, Athanasios-Dissertation
Dec-2020Effects of saline water irrigation, fertilizer and biostimulant on Rock sa[m]phire (Crithmum maritimum L.) growing in pots in greenhouseKoutsoulis, Konstantinos-Dissertation
Dec-2023Efficacy evaluation of fungicides in control of net blotch (Pyrenophora teres) on barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) employing new technologies in the fieldSismanidis, Anagnostis-Thesis
May-2015Evaluate [i.e. Evaluation of] the interaction of aeration x fertilization in growing lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) under floating disks systemsKyrkou, Ioannis-Dissertation
Jun-2022Evaluation of berries characteristics of 11 different clones candidates belonging to the indigenous Greek red grape variety [of] Xinomavro (Vitis Vinifera L.)Iatridis, Nikolaos-Dissertation
Nov-2020Evaluation of effects from various rates of biostimulants (Zeolite, Mycorrhiza and VIORMON), on yield and other agronomic properties of two lettuce varieties, grown in greenhouse pots under three growth substratesBaliouskas, Panagiotis-Dissertation
Dec-2012Evaluation of grape (Vitis Vinifera L.) variety effect on relative leaf chlorophyll level and soil waterPavlis, Themistocles-Dissertation
May-2023Evaluation of inorganic and organic fertilizers and biostimulants in corn (Zea mays L.) productivityKoutsampasidis, Anastasios-Rafail-Dissertation